17 Chatr Take control of your private chats!
324 Spell Timer Dispaly some timer with progress bar to remind user how long the comment gagner la confiance spells will remains.
Use /clv or /classviewer for the options menu.
26 simpleMinimap Autozoom timed auto zoom-out module for simpleMinimap 26 Stacker Permits to stack automagically items.Every minute, every hour, every day.This AddOn is licenced under the GNU GPL 364 ClickHeal Healing with simple clicks 363 PvPLog Keeps track of your PvP kills and the people who kill you.44 Titan Panel ClockOffsetFix Fixes the Titan Panel Clock so that its offset is stored per server not per character.We may think weve thrown out a plastic bag.Bag production releases pollution.
Paper bag production delivers a global warming double-whammy since forests (major absorbers of greenhouse gases) have to be cut down, and then the subsequent manufacturing of bags produces greenhouse gases.
165 EQCompare Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank.
147 FishEase Allows for easy casting 146 ChatBar Button Bar for openning chat messages of each type.Some are carelessly tossed.The player with the lowest hp is on top 166 ICU-I see you An Addon for World of Warcraft's Hunter class 166 TargetOfTarget HoTT - Target of target and ToT's health in a small frame beneath the target frame.78 CT RaidTracker Counts raid loot and attendance 78 MailTo Mail management and tracking.631 ag UnitFrames Unit frame addon using AceOO 624 OneBag Sorter One bag to rule them all 607 SpecialTalentUI Improved Talent Frame.2344 Weapon Quick Swap Function for quickly swapping between 2 weapon sets 2343 BuffWatch Keeps track of buffs on party members in a small window and highlights them if they have run out 2319 SW Stats Shadow Warrior Damage Stats 2155 Titan Panel Clock Adds.

914 Bongos RollBar Makes the frame for rolling on items movable 908 Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic Helps a Hunter keep his pets well fed (and the food in his inventory under control) 897 Fizzwidget Hunter Helper Helps you find tameable beasts to learn pet skills from.