doritos roulette how many are spicy

But theres no chicken flavor.
That alone would make them the best of the bunch, except.
Your enjoyment will depend on whether you like spicy stuff.Also, this is my stop.I love it, but wow.I couldnt breathe properly and I really thought I was going to die.Dumb Dumber while eating pretty much any other flavor of Doritos.So it's a slightly cheesy version of Blaze.For something called fiery habanero, these are pretty mild.And when she did, her pupils dilated, she smiled, and signaled for more.
My reactions are in the video, but for those of you frightened by the beard or the very real possibility of seeing bits of chip on my tongue, heres the gist: imagine a package of Oreos in which most of them are filled with delicious.The idea behind Doritos Roulette is roughly the same idea as putting one bullet in the chamber of a revolver, spinning it, putting the barrel in your mouth and pulling the trigger.Do you buy a bag of snacks containing things you definitely do not want in your mouth, or do you stick with the same old boring, intestine-friendly snack chips youre used resultat loterie nationale to?Maybe the anticipation of this discovery got the better of me, but I gotta say, theyre kind of the missionary position of Doritos.Because, um, they're not healthy snacks.They are, and will always be, the perfect snack chip: crunchy, salty, flavor-packed, and, as all great things should be, slightly dangerous due to their combination of jaggedness and binge-edibility.But she didn't get any.You knew it was coming.What theyve done is filled a bag mostly with the same delicious Nacho Cheese Doritos that used to sing us to sleep as children, and then sprinkled in the stuff of nightmares.Toasted Corn, these things, mind you, are great dipped in queso.I have a better chance of getting killed in real Russian Roulette.

They're hot, but not debilitatingly.
We do warn people to expect a seriously spicy experience with Doritos Roulette and we make this clear on the pack and in adverts.