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Lottos status as an artist of extraordinary skill whom you may not have heard of is in part explained by the istituto lorenzo lotto di trescore balneario provincial nature of his practice, as he worked so much away from major centres.
While gossips wrote down salacious details about the sex lives of Leonardo, Bellini, and other stars of the Renaissance, no biographer was gaelle garcia poker following Lotto on his patchy career in small north Italian cities.
He lived until 1556-57, dying in a religious community where he sought refuge from poverty.
One of the highlights of the show is a surviving portrait cover.This youth could be Shakespeares Hamlet, portrayed 70 years before Shakespeare wrote his tragedy.Its not like looking at Holbeins portraits and marvelling at Henry viiis codpiece.It may be a reference to the sitters name, and possible Venetian noble candidates are discussed in the substantial and discursive catalogue which accompanies the exhibition.This, in combination with his abilities as a subtle colourist and deft student of the human condition, endows his portraits, many of which allow direct, enquiring eye contact with their sitters, with immense appeal for a modern viewer.He failed to ever really find success, often living hand to mouth, painting works for his land lord in lieu of rent, and died in 1556-57 in a religious commune where he was seeking shelter.The National Gallery, London.
The National Gallerys own splendid, portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia (.
It is little wonder then that the majority of his outstanding oeuvre is tinged with a sense of sadness.For a man of religious sensibility this was an appropriate context to end his days.Do we make ourselves or are we born this way?Yet it isnt just the precise observation of skin and bone that makes this portrait so magnetic.His paintings are also often quirky and enigmatic and sometimes carry complex messages; the challenge to decode them though is precisely why they are so riveting.From the February 2019 issue.The thrill of this exhibition is philosophical.Lotto lived in an age when people had a preoccupation with getting to grips with human life Leonardo da Vinci was busy cutting up human bodies and the doctor Vesalius had recently published a book in 1543 detailing human anatomy in grizzly illustrations.

One portrait comes with its cover, a rare survival of a 16th-century curiosity.