poker loose aggressive

Well, the first step is recognizing situations where a slot valies instellen LAG style will work at its best.
Lets talk about postflop for a minute.
Playing mediocre hands out of position can be a disaster, regardless of how great a players post-flop skills are.
If you were CBing 80 of the time as a LAG you would get killed in the longrun.The other player type will just float you often postflop (either in a value or float/bluff way) and will not just roll over to your aggression.Without a shadow of a doubt, the most difficult player to combat at the cash game tables or in tournaments is one who plays a loose-aggressive poker strategy and plays it well.One where lots of pots are going multi-way?Potential showdown value is pretty straight-forward, and can be maximized or achieved by obtaining correct pot odds.Instead of check-raising or raising a hand as strong as a set, let your loose-aggressive opponents have a little more rope with which to hang themselves.In a MW pot you are forced to have hands, and forced to hit hands in order to profit.For being such a generic playing style, Loose Aggressive (LAG) is one of the most volatile, high variance, and complicated ways to make a dollar in todays poker world.
We mentioned earlier than LAGs play a lot of hands, often 30 or more that they are dealt.
You just need to adapt your own style to combat theirs and use their LAG style against them.
There are tremendous differences between TAG and LAG players, but the common misconceptions of LAG players are what make it, in my opinion, the most profitable style in todays micro games.LAG players have a much better chance of getting paid off with their monster hands, while TAG players have trouble getting action at times.It should also be noted that your value hands should actually get paid a bit better, but not in a crazy way.Understanding pot odds (and implied pot odds) is a key to successfully playing straight draws and flush draws in No Limit Texas Holdem.Because of that, LAGs will focus, even more heavily than a TAG does, on positional play.

A good loose-aggressive player, or, lAG, at your table is a constant thorn in your side.
Remember, people adjust to a certain extent, especially while the pot is smaller.