Sporty, unlocks once you win the Green League.
Sporty - Complete the Green Tournament.
Downtime 3 - Complete the Red Tournament.
My Town part of the game.But let's be honest, they really weren't that secret.Downtime 3, unlocks once you win the Red League (available one you beat the Blue League).Magikarp Festival, dragon's Nest, to unlock, dark Colosseum and.Support Focused, support Gauges increase to MAX regardless of whether you just won or lost!Name, unlock Method, original, from Beginning, halloween.Heres a list of Nias cheers, what they do, and how to unlock them: Standard, if you lose, Synergy Gauge will increase, and both support gauges will be pushed to MAX!The cheers will come into effect after after the first fight, in between battles to give you a special boost for the next bout.In Pokkén Tournament, youre set on the path to be the best by your trusted advisor Nia.Your Synergy Gauge will increase each round, regardless of whether you win or lose.In doing so, they will give your matches a special bonus in a variety of factors depending on the Cheer Skill.
Support Pokemon are unlocked by achieving new ranks in the Ferrum League.
Avatar Customisation, in the game, the avatar that you play as, rather than being a set character, can be in fact customised to look however you wish for it to look.
This is unlocked by winning the Green League.(Active Round: from Second Round onward).Worth noting that this has no effect on Support Gauges, however!Youll need a solid strategy to make good use of the extreme effect!They are as follows: Picture.You can only have one Cheer Skill active at any one time.Check out more code loto internet of our Pokkén Tournament guides and tips: Related Topics: pokken, Pokken Tournament.This takes place after completing the Red League and finishing three special battles.You can alter the settings for Nia within the My Town option of the game.Defeat Chroma League, santa, defeat Iron League, downtime.Whimsical, the Cheer Effect you receive will change every round.

These outfits are merely a cosmetic difference and just can be used in order to help personalise Nia to your own specifications.
Iron League - Complete the Chroma League.