rainbow six strat roulette ideas

Operation Burnt Horizon is just around the lotto plus 2 10 march 2018 corner and voll bingo 2001 I cant wait to show you guys.
I like this point of view - Lean left or right the entire round.Show less, my likes, bookmarks.Of course, we made up the challenges, but the losses were as hilarious as the wins.Rainbow Six : Siege Ubisoft representatives monitor and reply with information when possible Top responses https stratroulette p Strat Roulette for Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, pubg, CoD: Blackout and Apex Legends For when you need a challenge!B 5 Defenders 1 Room!Karaoke - Bottom board decides on an inspirational song, team must sing along.Team America - FBI - Must use only FBI operators and enter through the main entrance.Tr8tor - Lowest scoring teammate must report teammate locations / strategies in all chat.YOU must construct additional pylons - No reinforced walls / ceilings.Saw this on another post, but my buds and I thought up some new ones.
Kill Confirmed - Every kill must be marked by the entire team in all-chat.
Strat Roulette picks a random strategy for your game from a large pool of strategies provided by community members.Stormtroopers - Hipfire only - No shotguns.Spetnatz recruit LMG only.Canadian Warfare - Every kill must be marked with an "I'm sorry" in all-chat.Roulette Secondary Gadgets siege added.Ability to enable or disable operators you do not have, or perhaps don't feel like playing.The Ruse - Fortify the wrong room.Spawn Camping - Cannot leave the objective room under any circumstance.Or did your matches become to easy to win?