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Skin items are single use, and when they are used, they will apply the skin and also unlock the skin in the player's wardrobe for later use.
Dye Vat (5.) The other Dyes must be crafted using the Dye Vat or obtained through trading.To craft thirteen ( ) / three ( ) of each Dye (one for each dye slot, including combined and compound dyes it poke and co takes: 104 / 24 each of Red Husks, Green Mushrooms, Teal Mushrooms, Blue Berries, Purple Mucoses, Violet Husks and Pink Prickly Pears;.Some skins, such as Heritage armor skins, can be applied for free even when using the wardrobe.Most pieces of armor are part of an armor set that has an appearance unique to that armor set.All dye plants show on the map.Strange Plants to the, dye Trader, nPC.If a piece of armor has just one dye channel, the entire piece can only be colored one color.Armor provides no protection against conditions.
If a piece of gear can be dyed, it will have a dye slot.
If there are three channels, it can be three different colors, with each color confined to a specific area.Also, some missions have dyes as rewards, with a certain chance associated with earning them upon completion.PSY and INT exist in mutual opposition, and have no special effect against the other types.QCK, strong against STR (2x Attack Power) and weak against DEX (0.5x Attack Power).It is part of the armor set Yakkington's armor as but it uses the skin for Scallywag armor.Skin items are most commonly encountered as rewards for Living World participation, from the Gem Store, and from the Armor Master in WvW.

A limitation of runes is that equipping more runes than the rune has tiers will not give any additional bonuses.
This allows for interesting Dye/Hair Dye combos.