skyrim equipment slots

This mod aims to fix a large majority of that.
Use the d(Float) function to add the amount of unequips you wish to skip.
There is also a power obtained via the MCM menu that allows you to quickly gather all the dropped equipment at once!
Otherwise, post it up!With Lit Torches enable, all torches dropped, whether done from the realistic unequipping or from you dropping them in you inventory, are lit!Select armor and clothing as layer items.Note that the number before the name is the same number you wrote in the Skin partition nodes of the nif file.Currently, shields do piscine et spa geant casino not sheath onto the player's back while equipped.Another new feature is a fix of the disappearing items!The mod can be broken down into four major features: Dual Sheaths, Geared Up, Realistic Unequip, and Lit Torches.Also auto-dropped items will now be remembered as favorites!Same thing goes for shields and torches too.Don't speculate, but if you're sure it's my mod, then tell me!If bugs are found and reproducible, I will fix them *Note : Anything starred has been fixed in my version.
Designed for extreme immersion.".25 alpha - Complete code rewrite - Scrapped Bethesda's Geared Up function - Shields on back - Staffs on back - Dual sheaths implemented - Support for all hotkey mods, such as SkyUI and More Hotkeys Please - Realistic Unequip now.
The dragon lands right in my face, I'm not going to sheathe my bow welk slot voor motorverzekering and get out my sword.
It is also integrated into the Geared Up feature.File credits, this author has not credited anyone else in this file.When updating or installing it can take a long time for the MCM to register.Save the nif file.This well known geared up setting can be used seamlessly and now there is a long wanted fix for all of its issues!Note: This only applies to the.25 alpha build.We are Reddit's primary hub for all things modding, from troubleshooting for beginners to creation of mods by experts.Equipping Overhaul is a complete overhaul on Skyrim's system of swapping, equipping, and dropping items.

Before upgrading remove all layer items from the layer, then uninstall old version and make clean save.