One max legendary Duct Tape (with Feelix's boost) can heal a total of 1944 hit points on one activation.
Enforcer, the second slowest ship in the game, the Enforcer may seem like a bad choice when compared to the fast Speeder or the extra-heavy Defender, but it has its uses - those being a combination of heavy artillery and champion de patin a roulette yellow use items.
With that gone over, let's get into each ship type and what you need to know before settling on one over the other.Shooter, the Shooter is your starter ship, but don't let that make you think it's useless.If you didn't understand any part please let me know in the comment section, I will help you clarify.There's a big difference between a Shooter and a Defender, just like there's a big difference between an Enforcer and Fixer.It shows all of the same data that could be found in one of my Snapshots, but in a much prettier format.2.2 Update - May 2, 2017 : MK5 Health: 2195 HP 2130 HP MK6 Health: 2695 HP 2560.4 Update - June 29, 2017 : MK7 added.Its maneuverability, the heap of red and yellow item slots, and its reasonably high health make the Enforcer a great long or mid-range combatant depending on your loadout and playstyle.Fixers specialize in using the ever-rare green items, all of which are focused around either healing the team or the Fixer itself (as you can see in the item examples at the start of the article).Now, pay a closer look at numbers in the red boxes, those are slot points.MK4: Alright, if you were talking about that Turbo back there, it's all right now.Here's what they are: Red Items: These are weapons.
I'll be glad to hear anything you've got to say.Play your ships the way they're meant to be played for the best results.A Fixer can equip three of them.Speeder, the Speeder specializes in exactly what it sounds like: going fast.OR a Missile Launcher AND a Blast Cannon, with maybe a Tesla Bolt, as the Tesla Bolt is useful in combat, and a Missile Launcher and Blast Cannon combo is particularly aggressive.It'll get yourself killed much quicker by opposing Defenders, Shooters (One of the real dangers to the Fixer and even Speeders and high health Enforcers and Fixer.MK6 At this point, you should really be playing a middle-ground role, healing and damaging equally, as your repairing items have hopefully been leveled up to a very high quality, able to withstand the nastiest barrages of firepower.Best of all, since the database updates daily, you can track shifts in the meta during weekend events!So that's it, I hope this helps!People tend to compare the Speeder and the Enforcer because their item slots are so similar, with the Enforcer being more geared toward weapon usage and the Speeder being better suited to stat-improving blue items.Battle Bay, and each one has its own specializations based on its stats and item slots.Turbo: Increases your ship's speed.Unless a weapon has a DPS of nearly 200, and every shot hits, the Fixer is practically invincible, even with one activation.