And we're not talking chump change, either.
The couple checked the Lottery's website and soon found one of coiffeur geant casino plan de campagne the tickets matched all of the numbers listed, and were able to claim their prize with just two weeks remaining of the 180-day limit.
The owner of the convenience store gets 1 percent of the winnings.The couple initially won 1 million in a Powerball drawing before Calvin claimed 50 grand two weeks later in the Virginia Lottery Pick.Clearly not familiar with the idea you should walk away when you're ahead, Calvin won another million dollars the very next day in a scratch-off game.A couple in Virginia recently became unexpected millionaires after they won the lottery three times in one month, wtkr reports.Arkansas is the newest state to have a government-sponsored lottery."We jumped around, hollered, and screamed.Harold and Tina Ehrenberg found the.8 million winning ticket, which won the southern US state's June 6 Lottery Lotto draw, while doing some holiday cleaning.i havent seen anything like it in my 12 years here lottery spokesman John Hagerty told The Virginian-Pilot.A single winner in the South Carolina town of Simpsonville took home a massive.5 billion in the Mega Millions US lottery jackpot last month, dwarfing a previous record set in March 2012 produits casino saveurs d'ailleurs at 656 million.Calvin and Zatera Spencer won a pair of 1 million lottery jackpots and then another 50,000, for good measure.
A day after picking up their prize for the late March win, Spencer stopped in a convenience store after dropping off his wife and bought another ticket.
"We have family coming into town for Thanksgiving, so I was cleaning up the house and found a few lottery tickets on my nightstand that we hadn't checked Tina said, according to a statement by Louisiana Lottery.
After possible taxes withheld, the couple won 714,000 in total.Once they brought the tickets to the cabin, they realized one of Stephen's 20 tickets won the 1 million jackpot."He thought he should sleep with it under his pillow Terri said.Stephen, 54, and Terri Weaver, 55, of Stuttgart, Ark., left on Friday for a weekend trip to a cabin near Greers Ferry Lake, over 100 miles away.A little over three years old, the Arkansas lottery is one of 43 government-run lottery systems in the country).A couple from Louisiana have more than a million reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving after discovering a long lost jackpot-winning lottery ticket with only two weeks left to claim.While Stephen wanted to return home after learning of the win, Terri hoped to stay for the weekend.On Saturday evening, they stopped at T-Ricks convenience store in the nearby city of Pangburn.When Calvin Spencer turned in the winning Scratcher ticket, lottery officials were apparently flabbergasted that the couple had picked another winner in such a short span of time.One man bought several tickets at the same time and won 20,000 twice.The odds must be astronomical.".In Photos: Biggest Lottery Winners "We pick up a couple tickets on the weekend when we go to our cabin on the river said Terri, an office manager with a water company."I had to have an aspirin.".