All Maps T gateway casino jobs edmonton CT On A Budget by /u/s0lz The player with the least money must provide for the team.
Servants are weak and can only use nades knives.
Every time you get a kill, you must type "Summer of Five-Seven" in chat.Season CT Prisoner's Dilemma by /u/loves_being_that_guy Have everyone change their name to f0rest and camp in jail.All Maps CT The Nova Strat by /u/Tofushy One player buys an X-M, while the rest novas.Inferno T Couch Potatoes by /u/DuongC You must find a couch and stay there until the enemy comes.All rush mid and hope for the best.Let's Start with Ponzi Pyramid Schemes.All Maps T CT American Action Movie by /u/Kimeiga86 Everybody buys MP9s and whenever you have to shoot someone you have to leap in a direction and shoot midair.By /u/s0lz Everyone must turn up their game volume to the point you can barely hear your teammates using voice communication.
The next rule that is broken is the dress code. .All Maps T CT Quick Push - T by /u/Tofushy You must wait until the timer is at 0:15 before entering a bombsite.If you can't think of an insult, everyone else in your team must talk shit about your mom.All Maps T CT Don't be a loser, defend the defuser!All Maps T CT Mom, Get The Camera!Tldr: RUN, jump AND spray like AN MLG PRO All Maps T CT Just To Make Sure by /u/Reedalini You must unload your entire clip on an enemy, even if they die.Mirage T Rocket by chimpoo Rush apts or palace and jump out balcony together.All Maps T CT The Blind Man by /u/salaci0us When all teammates have died, resultat loto du 31 12 2016 the last 19 mars 2015 loterie player alive has to turn off his computer monitor.All Maps CT Kawaii!